quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2014


For a long time, i've carried a weight that isn't mine.

For long, I wasn't me all the time.

In the meantime of what was important then, i've lost myself of what will always be.

What will always be me.

In me, i've played, for a long time, a different part.

Part of me wanted it to be. Other, just wanted to believe.

But after all, I just wanted to be apart of it all. To see it comes down like a waterfall.

And that's all.

But now, all i know is that I'm gonna be ok.

No matter of where I am, I shall be my place.

I'll leave whatever weights and will not be needed. I'll only backpack songs and good memories. Maybe, a bit of scars on my skin, and some lessions in my mind, but just about necessary enough.


I'm taking away all the weight of my heart and soul.

Whatever it comes to harm, will be transformed in harmony.

Whatever it comes to bitter, it will be sweetened.

Whatever it comes to dark, will be enlighted.


From and towards the light.


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